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You can read Irina’s Bio by clicking on About Irina. On a more personal note, she would like you to know that she and her husband Navin have recently moved to Chicago from Houston. After traveling all over the world and living for several years in Mumbai, in Taipei, in Sao Paolo, and in Mazatlan as well as in Wilmington, Delaware, in Norman, Oklahoma and in Houston, the Gajjars between them speak about ten languages.

They have three children and seven grandchildren whose ages range from three to twenty eight years.


Irina’s Most Important Work

The Gita, A New Translation of Hindu Sacred Scripture

India’s wisdom is like the ocean into which many rivers flow. The waters in the ocean are always changing, but the ocean stays the same. Sometimes it storms and other times it is calm; sometimes its waters are clear and other times they are opaque. Sometimes it expands and floods the beaches; other times it recedes. Still the ocean remains unchanged.
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Other Works

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