Political Language


In the United States the notion of freedom of expression fiercely extends to language. There is no Academy of Language that maintains the purity or even the meaning of the words we use. We live in a state of descriptive linguistics rather than prescriptive linguistics. Our grammar books struggle to keep as things can be “very unique” and we do not know who killed “who.”

Words like unique don’t mean what they used to. Something can become very one of a kind and “sick” means wonderful. Our politicians “otherize” groups and people who do not bode well for their continuing success/re-election.

When television became dominant, Mc Luhan made the case that “The Medium is the Message.” His point is the messaging is greatly influenced by the medium presenting it. This concept has great importance with the exponential explosion of the multiple avenues for messaging.



Nina Davuluri: Miss America 2014


Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Hats off to Nina Davuluri, Miss America 2014. The New York native’s outer beauty displays her inner balance. While it is true that this beauty exists in just about all contestants who have already won their state titles, Nina’s particular balance is outstanding. It represents the New America. Her America has it transitioning from a melting pot to a salad bowl.

The first time I came across the salad bowl view of our diversity was in a Bryn Mawr College Alumnae Bulletin. It was at the time a novel perspective. But the truth about our early immigrants is that most of those who came voluntarily sought to blend into America. They willingly surrendered their languages, their accents and the burdens of the world they fled.

Like many Hindus, followers of an ancient religion, Nina added, she did not subtract. This has earned her criticism from old-minded Americans who are scared of the new social order in which their views, their beliefs and their looks no longer stand supreme. But old-mindedness will evolve or cease to matter.


New New York, 3000 Years Later

This book is coming soon. Here’s the projected blurb:

New New York is the hub of Planet Earth 3000 years in the future. We have engineered nature, mobilized artificial intelligence and prospered in a spirit of unity and harmony until rumors of aliens in other worlds cause troubles in our own.

It is up to Liera, an important official, to take action. But before he can act, forces beyond his grasp intervene. Wizards, bureaucrats, politicians, lovers, aliens and robots set in motion wheels that keep turning. Liera cannot figure himself out, let alone figure out who is friend and who is foe. Yet he is the good guy and he strives to save the people of Planet Earth from themselves.

What will humankind learn? What price will the heroes pay?