New New York

The New New York is here. It invites businesses to come to New York and to become New Yorkers. Its advertisements tell us as much. I love the Old New York, but the New New York is even better because it is doing a lot. It is building new airports and new roads and bridges across the state. It is adding new mass transit. It is creating business friendly environments and lowering taxes. It is creating partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today.

I wondered what an even Newer New York would be like several thousand years into the future and described a vision that was both good and bad, just like every place always is. New York City remains the central heartbeat of our planet. But it has problems. It struggles with globalism and with intrusive technologies. It wonders about other worlds and fears aliens. It deals with robotic intelligence. Consider the possibilities.

See New New York, Three Thousand Years Later, by Irina Gajjar.


Whatever our politics, Americans, Europeans and people in developed nations are exhausted.

We disagree to the point of absurdity. Antagonists and supporters of candidates, officials or policies struggle when we see that our resistance or support will have to go on and on and on. We are tired of arguing, of losing friends, and of pretending that politics are not the elephant in the room. We are tired of the news and we feel guilty when we hide from it. We feel guilty when we do not do as much as we think we should and useless when whatever we do seems to be an exercise in futility.

Is there a solution? Can we see a silver lining in the fact that so many more people are engaged in government affairs? Perhaps, because in a sense the ability to disagree is a great freedom. What do you think?

See New New York, 3000 Years Later to consider a society which requires everyone to behave according to the motto “One Spirit! One Word! One World!”

Scary Elections in the DOT   



A scary occurs in my work of predictive fiction which takes place in the future in New York City. Our planet is divided in sectors. The government is a DOT which stands for Democratic Oligarchic Theocracy. The people of our world are dedicated to the motto “One Spirit! One World! One Word!” Thus the universal commitment is to a united faith or world view, a united planet, and a common language. This commitment arises from a revelation.

One would think that unity is a good thing but as we note today unity does not always work. The strengths, weaknesses and circumstances of peoples do not always lead them to common goals. Beyond this problem, our current vague premonitions about attacks from aliens in other worlds become sharper.

So, in a society that condemns and penalizes divisiveness, people who fail to support the unity platform in any way takes risks. Journalists and activists cannot act freely or openly and opposing factions become confrontational.

See New New York, 3000 Years Later by Irina Gajjar to decide if you agree that the more things change, the more they stay the same.


Sick Robots



Like humans, robots are subject to collapse. If human or robotic minds or bodies break down, they cannot function. Human minds consist of thoughts and emotions whereas human bodies are matter. Robot minds consist of software whereas robotic bodies are hardware. Both animate and inanimate beings depend on electric currents to keep going.

While human breakdowns are called sickness or illness, robotic breakdowns are called crashes. But I see the two as more alike than different.

A male super robot I have named Tobor falls ill in one of my novels. Tobor is addressed as IT and his owner is addressed as Arya. Tobor has an emotional collapse when IT realizes that he will be separated from his Arya. Consequently he asks to be destroyed. Arya gets the following report on Tobor’s health from an egg shaped assistant:

“. . . Tobor has been unwell and is recovering in a temperature controlled environment. I have oiled IT and am allowing ITs circuits to cool. Apparently, Tobor has accessed information that IT is not equipped to handle and that caused IT to overheat.”

“. . . But do not worry. Tobor is out of danger and will be fine. IT will report to you just as soon as IT is able. I must return to attend to IT.”

See New New York 3000 Year Later by Irina Gajjar


One Spirit! One World! One Word!


“One Spirit! One World! One Word!” is the mandate imposed upon our planet’s inhabitants in the futuristic sci fi novel New New York, 3000 Years Later. “One Spirit” requires humankind to accept that all people are equal in spirit. The meaning of spirit is undefined but this term represents purpose, nobility or humanity. “One World” mandates political unity. “One Word” mandates that everyone in the planet speak the same language.

Divisiveness is a crime in New New York.

Are equality and unity ever likely to prevail prevail on our planet? In the face of real or imagined threats from aliens, would humankind be more likely to foster equality or unity? Is our world likely to thrive or even survive absent these values into future millennia?

New New York

new new york

New New York, 3000 Years Later is a post apocalyptic novel about New York City, which remains the world’s financial hub, three millennia in the future. “The New New Yorkis a policy promulgated by the Great State of New York. It invites industries to invest and establish themselves in the many tax free zones created statewide. At the same time, “The New New York” is a vision.

The novel and the vision share a great love and admiration for New York and New Yorkers. They also share the idea that New York will endure as powerful and benevolent influence on the world for millennia to come.


Hearings on Alien Life


The Science Committee of the House of Representatives has held 15 hearings on space exploration since 2013. Lately the media increasingly discuses the existence of alien life elsewhere in our universe or in other universes. We have sophisticated equipment to search for sentient beings so many light years away that it would take several lifetimes for us to reach them.

While my personal opinion is that such beings must exist, my guess is that wherever they may be, near or far, their posture is, “don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

Of course, many credible individuals claim to have interacted with aliens but we cannot officially believe them in the absence of proof.

Thus we resort to science fiction to figure out what we think, if we do think about this issue. Please see New New York, by Irina Gajjar, to consider some possibilities.

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

New New York 3000 Years Later is a work of science fiction. In this work, New York City continues to be the financial center and the pulse of Mother Earth. It is run by a few persons of intelligence and good will who are overshadowed by self-serving politicians and lazy bureaucrats.

The new New York today represents New York State which is striving to become friendlier to business enterprises.

According to the fictional New New York, the world is at a good place 3000 years in the future. Our planet is united. Everyone speaks the same language. Everyone is required to honor a revelation that says, “One Spirit! One World! One Word!”

How do you suppose that works out?

New New York, 3000 Years Later

This book is coming soon. Here’s the projected blurb:

New New York is the hub of Planet Earth 3000 years in the future. We have engineered nature, mobilized artificial intelligence and prospered in a spirit of unity and harmony until rumors of aliens in other worlds cause troubles in our own.

It is up to Liera, an important official, to take action. But before he can act, forces beyond his grasp intervene. Wizards, bureaucrats, politicians, lovers, aliens and robots set in motion wheels that keep turning. Liera cannot figure himself out, let alone figure out who is friend and who is foe. Yet he is the good guy and he strives to save the people of Planet Earth from themselves.

What will humankind learn? What price will the heroes pay?