Literary Fiction


New New York, 3000 Years Later

New New York is a work of science fiction work set 3000 years in the future. It may be viewed as a work of predictive fiction, provided we expand our minds to include our imagination and exceed the outer limits of what we know.

The starring New New Yorkers engage in exciting adventures as they explore social and philosophical and seek to understand the worlds and inhabitants of their universe. They endure mundane problems, as they seek to conquer time and space, to ponder the nature and potential “humanity” of artificial intelligence and become acquainted forms of life, which we describe today as… LEARN MORE


The Pokhraj

The Pokhraj, a yellow sapphire, is the key to mystery that envelopes an up beat Jewish family living in Houston.

Natalya Landau, a successful lawyer, cannot imagine life without motherhood and feels pressured by the tick of her biological clock. Victor, her husband, is an English professor who agrees with parenthood in principle, but is too happy and self-centered to take the big leap. He considers his life ideal just as it is.

When the couple conceives a child, the Landaus are changed forever… LEARN MORE

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