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Ancient Indian Art and the West

Ancient Indian Art and the West studies India’s relationship with the Western world through art and technology. The renowned Dr. William H. Mc. Neil, author of “The Rise of the West” and “A World History” has written the Preface.

Dr. Gajjar’s work reveals a common language of symbols that transcend cultures, religions and centuries. The widespread prevalence of such symbolism cannot but fascinate historians, archeologists, artists, scholars and laymen. Over 300 drawings and plates comparing motifs from Egypt, Mesopotamia, Iran and Greece with Indian counterparts illustrate the affinities, that have connected India and regions to the west from earliest times… LEARN MORE


About The Celestina

The Celestina, originally entitled The Tragicomedy of Calixto and Melibea is a translation and adaptation of a theatrical piece written in Spanish in the city of Burgos, Spain in 1499 by Fernando de Rojas, an attorney. The author tells us that his work aims to forewarn lovers who, conquered by their inordinate appetites, lose all reason. He also warns about the dangers of falling prey to greedy and unscrupulous whoremongers, pimps, and flatterers.

This drama in the picaresque style is a… LEARN MORE

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