The Gita, A New Translation of Hindu Sacred Scripture:

Dr. Irina Gajjar characterizes Hinduism as,”…the ocean into which many rivers flow –the waters in the ocean are always changing, but the ocean stays the same.” The Gita, A New Translation of Hindu Sacred Scripture, is the first, lucid, self-contained and pure translation of the Gita to appear in English. Irina writes in beautiful captivating verse.

The words of the Gita, which contains the essence of the Hindu Scriptures, are so simple that they can be understood by a child and so clear that their meaning cannot be disputed. Yet the message these words convey is both profound and open, allowing each individual to find his or her own truth in them… LEARN MORE


On Hinduism

On Hinduism fills a gap in the written history of world religion, philosophy, mythology and culture. It is a concise yet comprehensive view of Hinduism which embraces and explains its history, tenets. philosophy, culture, rituals, mythology and its influence in an accurate and open manner.

This work is clear and easy to understand, although it deals with complexities along with the visible and colorful aspects of Hindu traditions.

It will interest those who appreciate Hinduism and wish to have a better understand it better, those who have had limited exposure to Hinduism and are curious about it, and even those who disagree with Hindu beliefs or what they imagine Hindus believe… LEARN MORE


The Children’s Book of Hinduism

The Children’s Book of Hinduism is in the works. Written with input from Raunak Malhotra, a 12 year old young man, it is meant for people of all ages. Young children will enjoy the pictures and their parents’ explanations, older children read it on their own and adults can get a beautiful overview of all that Hinduism represents.

This work is faithful to Hinduism and faithful to the questions it asks and answers which are always open to individual interpretation.

Looking into Hinduism is like looking into the depths of a clear body of water. It makes you wonder whether what you see below is your reflection… LEARN MORE


La Gita, Escritura Sagrada de los Hindúes

La Gita, Escritura Sagrada de los Hindúes, is the Spanish version of You Know Me – The Gita – Hinduism. This work, is as beautiful as the English book and contains the same Sanskrit text and illuminations… LEARN MORE



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