The Children’s Book of Hinduism [In the Works!]


About The Children’s Book of Hinduism


The Children’s Book of Hinduism is in the works. Written with input from Raunak Malhotra, a 12 year old young man, it is meant for people of all ages. Young children will enjoy the pictures and their parents’ explanations, older children read it on their own and adults can get a beautiful overview of all that Hinduism represents.

This work is faithful to Hinduism and faithful to the questions it asks and answers which are always open to individual interpretation.

Looking into Hinduism is like looking into the depths of a clear body of water. It makes you wonder whether what you see below is your reflection or the real bottom with a life of its own.

According to Raunak, ” I think this book will interest anyone between the ages of one and a hundred. If you read it, it will give you a feeling of power. It will also give those who do not understand Hindu culture an idea about what Hindus practice and believe.”



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