Bhagvan said:
To you,
I will give the holy secret
which will keep everything bad
away from you.

This secret is the best, the loveliest, the holiest.
It is a wonderful, everlasting secret.

The world is filled with Me, God,
like a room is filled with air.
This is how I am not really a part of people,
but I am everywhere and they are in Me.

The whole world was My idea
and was born from Me.

Arjun, at the end of the world,
all living things get lost in Me
and then at the beginning of the world
everything is born again.
Nature begins again and the world becomes alive.

A great wheel makes the world turn round and round
and it makes the world get lost in God
and get born again.

The world disappears and reappears like this
many times
because I want it to.

Fools don’t recognize God.
They are silly and unhappy.
They think I am just a man.
But good and wise people know Me.
They know I make the world and they worship Me.
Good people call out My name
and bow to Me,
and pray to Me
and think of Me all the time.

Good people love Me in different ways.
These ways are studying about God
and thinking about God and My many names
and My many forms.
I am prayers, and pujas, and ghee,
and sweets and the holy fire.

I am the King of the Universe.
I am its Father and Mother and Grandfather.
I am making things and I am taking things apart.
I am the beginning and the end.
I am being born and dying
and I am living forever.

I am the heat in the sun
and the water in the rain.
I cause and I hold back showers.

People who pray to Me
because they want something,
go to heaven and rejoice there.
But then they are born again
and they die again.

But people who pray just because they love Me,
not because they want something, are the best
and I take care of them forever.

If a person gives Me a leaf, a flower,
a fruit, or even just water,
the person sees Me in his mind.
I come and happily take whatever he gives Me
with love.

Arjun, whatever you do, whatever you eat,
whatever you give me as a gift,
do it, and eat it and give it for Me.
If you are sorry, punish yourself for Me too.
If you do everything for My sake,
instead of for yourself,
You will do everything good and come right to Me.

I am everywhere.
I do not hate or love.
But the persons who worship Me
live in God and can recognize God in themselves.

Even the worst people, even sinners, are good
if they love Me with all their heart.
They become good very quickly
and become happy forever.
Oh Arjun, you can be sure that this is true.
Everyone who loves Me becomes happy.

The holy secret is this:
By loving God, Me,
you can come right up to God.
Thinking of God, loving God,
bowing to God, joining God
and trusting God is the way to God.

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