Everything we read or see or hear is processed through our experience, be it first hand or second hand or even more remote.

What I wonder about the most, are things people have no idea about. We cannot imagine shapes, or thoughts, or ideas that are entirely alien.

All our notions, be they of aliens, beings, creations, machines, natural phenomena, or whatever are permutations and combinations of familiar stuff. They are notions of what is known, and hence, fathomable. They relate to something we have seen, or heard, or touched, or tasted, or felt, or smelled, or inherited, or understood either first hand or via some communication from someone else.

I wonder if there is anything else out there: colors beyond those that exist in our rainbow, or beings that differ from those whose ancestry we have traced, or substances that are beyond our conception. I wonder what else could exist.

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How to Communicate with Aliens

The latest way I heard of to communicate with aliens is via thumbnail sized satellites that can move through space more quickly than anything we have tried before.

It seems that these mini satellites might go out and return information within decades rather than light years. So perhaps some of you younger folk might receive messages.

But maybe some of us will receive or have received messages before that. Maybe when we tried to tell others about these messages, no one believed us. Or maybe we were sworn to silence. Or maybe some of us just imagined communications.

I think that if even we imagine an event like a communication from other worlds or galaxies it either happened or it will happen. And since we are not sure about the distinction between past, present and future either, we cannot tell where or when. Who knows what has happened or is happening or will happen. But in my view, whatever we eventually may learn, it is almost certain that intelligent life exists out there.

Read New New York, 3000 Years Later to consider interaction with beings in other universes.

Multi-Planetary Species



In previous blogs, I mentioned our potential to become a multi-planetary species. I also said that all human ideas must arise from some human experience. These two notions put together lead me to consider the possibility that our species already is multi-planetary and that we were visited and/or informed by alien astronaut savants. Quite a few of us believe humans have had experiences with aliens, even though we are not sure about our own beliefs.

Proponents of the theory that we have multi-planetary connections think that ancient ruins in various places from Stonehenge to the Americas were landing sites for alien aircraft. Others suggest that bursts of civilization in the Middle East or the remarkably sudden appearance of Sanskrit on the Indian subcontinent are evidence of knowledge that came from beyond our planet. Still others claim to have seen unidentified flying objects and to have experienced probes.

Can we either grasp or disprove the existence of human alien links? What do you think?

One Spirit! One World! One Word!


“One Spirit! One World! One Word!” is the mandate imposed upon our planet’s inhabitants in the futuristic sci fi novel New New York, 3000 Years Later. “One Spirit” requires humankind to accept that all people are equal in spirit. The meaning of spirit is undefined but this term represents purpose, nobility or humanity. “One World” mandates political unity. “One Word” mandates that everyone in the planet speak the same language.

Divisiveness is a crime in New New York.

Are equality and unity ever likely to prevail prevail on our planet? In the face of real or imagined threats from aliens, would humankind be more likely to foster equality or unity? Is our world likely to thrive or even survive absent these values into future millennia?