God Loves Those Who Love God

Loving God is a key theme in the Gita. In Chapter 9, Lord Krishna tells us that loving God is the Holy Secret and the key to attaining ultimate freedom from cycles of birth and death. He explains that God is everything and everywhere. He is the creator and more because the very notion of the world is His. Thus, even the worst sinners are liberated by the love of God.

In Chapter 12 of the Gita, Lord Krishna describes all the good things that happen to those who love Him. He tells us that those of us who do love God are dear to Him. But He does not talk about loving humanity to the extent that He speaks of the power of our loving Him. It is through our understanding and love of the divinity that we merge into the Lord and attain ultimate salvation.

See The Gita, A New Translation of Hindu Sacred Scripture by Irina Gajjar.

If God Is Everything, Is Everything God?


Monotheists have wrestled with questions like this ever since they tried to make sense of the unknown, of the universe and of mortality. Believers in the notion that a great singular force impels being cannot stop attempting describe the qualities of the force that gives rise to being.

I sense the singularity of an underlying force that is the cause of existence. This force exists beyond universes that encompass everything. I am satisfied to name this force God. Thus, in my vision, God is everything, even nothingness.

It follows for me that God is Truth and that everything cannot be God. Everything is not real because reality is permanent and unchanging, whereas the things we perceive are not. Our perceptions are illusions, or Maya.

This is not to dispute the ancient Jewish view that we are one with God and not separate from the Divinity, but rather to note that we are God only to the extent that we are eternal.


Lord Vishnu’s Avatars and Darwin

Photo by: Shaligram

Photo by: Shaligram

Is it a coincidence that in Hindu mythology the Avatars of Lord Vishnu, the Preserver, coincides with the life forms that Darwin attributes to evolution?

The word Avatar is often translated as incarnation or manifestation, but it means descent. Of the three aspects of God as understood by Hinduism, only the Preserver has descended to our planet. The Creative and Destructive aspects of the Divinity are not associated with earthly existence. But to preserve existence, Lord Vishnu descended nine times: as a fish, as a reptile, as a land animal, as a giant man lion – symbolizing human ascent from the animal kingdom-, as a dwarf, as Lord Rama, as Lord Krishna and as Lord Buddha, the Enlightened One.

Lord Vishnu’s anticipated final incarnation is as Kalki predicted to be a phenomenon who will deliver the world from evil and darkness.