New New York

The New New York is here. It invites businesses to come to New York and to become New Yorkers. Its advertisements tell us as much. I love the Old New York, but the New New York is even better because it is doing a lot. It is building new airports and new roads and bridges across the state. It is adding new mass transit. It is creating business friendly environments and lowering taxes. It is creating partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today.

I wondered what an even Newer New York would be like several thousand years into the future and described a vision that was both good and bad, just like every place always is. New York City remains the central heartbeat of our planet. But it has problems. It struggles with globalism and with intrusive technologies. It wonders about other worlds and fears aliens. It deals with robotic intelligence. Consider the possibilities.

See New New York, Three Thousand Years Later, by Irina Gajjar.

The Future Is Here but Not Everywhere


While we all sense and see our future pushing us around, we cannot quite pinpoint where or what it is or means. We are experiencing it without fathoming it.

In recent living memory, the future had to do with flying and living under the sea. Then came waves that transmitted sound and light and photography over vast distances at great speeds. We foresaw robots that we used even as they used us and became increasingly humanized. More recently, even before our imagination could catch up, we have become confronted by the internet of everything. People are already tiring of surfaces, of androids, of iPhones and iPads  and of whatever they have because everything is becoming accessible to everyone.

But does everyone have everything? Do we even understand what the future entails? Where is the future for the hungry, the cold, the weary or the wounded?

There was a time when future hope was for a better kinder world? Now we wonder. Will we on Earth even have a future?