New New York

The New New York is here. It invites businesses to come to New York and to become New Yorkers. Its advertisements tell us as much. I love the Old New York, but the New New York is even better because it is doing a lot. It is building new airports and new roads and bridges across the state. It is adding new mass transit. It is creating business friendly environments and lowering taxes. It is creating partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today.

I wondered what an even Newer New York would be like several thousand years into the future and described a vision that was both good and bad, just like every place always is. New York City remains the central heartbeat of our planet. But it has problems. It struggles with globalism and with intrusive technologies. It wonders about other worlds and fears aliens. It deals with robotic intelligence. Consider the possibilities.

See New New York, Three Thousand Years Later, by Irina Gajjar.

One Spirit! One World! One Word!


“One Spirit! One World! One Word!” is the mandate imposed upon our planet’s inhabitants in the futuristic sci fi novel New New York, 3000 Years Later. “One Spirit” requires humankind to accept that all people are equal in spirit. The meaning of spirit is undefined but this term represents purpose, nobility or humanity. “One World” mandates political unity. “One Word” mandates that everyone in the planet speak the same language.

Divisiveness is a crime in New New York.

Are equality and unity ever likely to prevail prevail on our planet? In the face of real or imagined threats from aliens, would humankind be more likely to foster equality or unity? Is our world likely to thrive or even survive absent these values into future millennia?

New New York

new new york

New New York, 3000 Years Later is a post apocalyptic novel about New York City, which remains the world’s financial hub, three millennia in the future. “The New New Yorkis a policy promulgated by the Great State of New York. It invites industries to invest and establish themselves in the many tax free zones created statewide. At the same time, “The New New York” is a vision.

The novel and the vision share a great love and admiration for New York and New Yorkers. They also share the idea that New York will endure as powerful and benevolent influence on the world for millennia to come.