Big Bang and Scary Robots

While most of us believe that the universe started with a big bang, it seems that a growing number of scientists disagree with this theory. Apparently, no one really knows how the universe did start but at the beginning it was not there and then it was. Also, if the big bang or whatever started the universe, did actually happen, it happened not in space but rather inside space. The difference is that the big bang did not create the universe out of nothing; instead it started inside nothing. Some theories say the universe is inside out. Plus, it is assumed that our universe is not unique. It is merely one of many universes known as multiverses.

Whatever the universe is, there is some consensus about when it came into being: about 13.7 billion years ago. And our universe is not only expanding, but it is also speeding up. It is hard to imagine what that implies.

Hats off to scientists who venture to understand and to explain the universe. However, these same scientists tell us that artificial intelligence is much better than we are at figuring stuff like this out. Of course, artificial intelligence can only figure things out based on data we humans provide. But robots are better than we are at compiling data and using it to arrive at conclusions.

So, is the fact that artificial intelligence is superior to ours scary?

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Sick Robots



Like humans, robots are subject to collapse. If human or robotic minds or bodies break down, they cannot function. Human minds consist of thoughts and emotions whereas human bodies are matter. Robot minds consist of software whereas robotic bodies are hardware. Both animate and inanimate beings depend on electric currents to keep going.

While human breakdowns are called sickness or illness, robotic breakdowns are called crashes. But I see the two as more alike than different.

A male super robot I have named Tobor falls ill in one of my novels. Tobor is addressed as IT and his owner is addressed as Arya. Tobor has an emotional collapse when IT realizes that he will be separated from his Arya. Consequently he asks to be destroyed. Arya gets the following report on Tobor’s health from an egg shaped assistant:

“. . . Tobor has been unwell and is recovering in a temperature controlled environment. I have oiled IT and am allowing ITs circuits to cool. Apparently, Tobor has accessed information that IT is not equipped to handle and that caused IT to overheat.”

“. . . But do not worry. Tobor is out of danger and will be fine. IT will report to you just as soon as IT is able. I must return to attend to IT.”

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