Big Bang and Scary Robots

While most of us believe that the universe started with a big bang, it seems that a growing number of scientists disagree with this theory. Apparently, no one really knows how the universe did start but at the beginning it was not there and then it was. Also, if the big bang or whatever started the universe, did actually happen, it happened not in space but rather inside space. The difference is that the big bang did not create the universe out of nothing; instead it started inside nothing. Some theories say the universe is inside out. Plus, it is assumed that our universe is not unique. It is merely one of many universes known as multiverses.

Whatever the universe is, there is some consensus about when it came into being: about 13.7 billion years ago. And our universe is not only expanding, but it is also speeding up. It is hard to imagine what that implies.

Hats off to scientists who venture to understand and to explain the universe. However, these same scientists tell us that artificial intelligence is much better than we are at figuring stuff like this out. Of course, artificial intelligence can only figure things out based on data we humans provide. But robots are better than we are at compiling data and using it to arrive at conclusions.

So, is the fact that artificial intelligence is superior to ours scary?

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The Future Is Here but Not Everywhere


While we all sense and see our future pushing us around, we cannot quite pinpoint where or what it is or means. We are experiencing it without fathoming it.

In recent living memory, the future had to do with flying and living under the sea. Then came waves that transmitted sound and light and photography over vast distances at great speeds. We foresaw robots that we used even as they used us and became increasingly humanized. More recently, even before our imagination could catch up, we have become confronted by the internet of everything. People are already tiring of surfaces, of androids, of iPhones and iPads  and of whatever they have because everything is becoming accessible to everyone.

But does everyone have everything? Do we even understand what the future entails? Where is the future for the hungry, the cold, the weary or the wounded?

There was a time when future hope was for a better kinder world? Now we wonder. Will we on Earth even have a future?

On and Off Buttons



On and off buttons exemplify a generational divide. Technology has changed and seniors are stuck in an era in which one button turns something on and another one turns it off.

Young people understand that you only need one button. Push it on to start something and push it again to stop it. The button is a simple symbol. It doesn’t say on or off. It traditionally looks like a circle with a line drawn through it, but now it can be a circle, or an indentation, a gesture or even nothing.

The same “button” turns on a fan, a computer, a phone or a lock on an appliance. It also might activate some remote activity. This may trouble older people. If the button is pressed too long, it doesn’t turn things on or off or the gadget gets confused and freezes or something switches on and off, or swivels or continuously speeds up and slows down in a panic. A mere touch could set an alarm in motion and cause a swarm of police to go charging to an unknown place.

Are you scared or young?


1984 Has Come & Gone


1984 has come and gone and most of us don’t care for many reasons. Those of us who enjoy democracy have spilled ourselves open and are impervious to judgment, rather we demand acceptance and have opened our minds and hearts as to what is acceptable.

Technology, the desire to reveal ourselves, the lack of time that prods to develop virtual relationships rather than real ones and fear of terror have made us less sensitive to issues of privacy. Only those who fear government seem to worry about the data government has collected.

Many do not think that the secrets leaked from Edward Snowden were really secret? Are not the true secrets those that no one anticipates or discovers?