Are We Really Seeing the Truth?

Many of us want answers to questions of our existence, the reality of God, eternity, the soul, the meaning of truth and other such matters.

On the other hand, most of us know or realize that these answers are not available to our human minds. Still we persist in our quest. I think we do this to a large extent because the exercise is mentally fun. Most of us who pursue such truths intellectually are not really prepared for revelations that evade or defy the limits of our understanding.

Lord Buddha taught that we should not worry about understanding that which is beyond our grasp, but should focus instead on virtuous behavior and our karma. Early Buddhism did not consider God at all, but later Buddhist could not manage without a deity and decided that Lord Buddha embodied God Himself.

See On Hinduism by Irina Gajjar



If the core of Hinduism had to be summed up in a single word, that word would be truth, perhaps more appropriately Truth with a capital letter.

The holy syllable “Om” represents the totality of the absolute, the infinite spirit and truth.

Om is defined by the phrase Om Tat Sat meaning “Om That True.”  However, each of these words represents a concept. Thus rendering Om Tat Sat in English requires a judgement call. I think a good way to say Om Tat Sat in English is “Om is the real and true infinite spirit.”

The totality of Hindu philosophy and thought is subsumed under the notion of Om Tat Sat. While the notion these words encompass may seem complex, it is really quite simple and most Hindus grasp it easily. The underlying belief of Hinduism is that only truth is real and worthy of our devotion.

The Hindu concept of God as ultimate truth is comparable with Biblical explanation given to Moses. In Exodus 3:14 God says I AM WHO I AM. SAY THIS TO THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL. I AM HAS SENT ME TO YOU.

See Chapter 9 of On Hinduism by Irina Gajjar to explore the meaning of Truth in Hindu philosophy.

The Essence of Hinduism


The three words Om Tat Sat represent the essence of Hindu philosophy.

Om means the absolute, endless, eternal spirit of God and Truth. It is a powerful term in meditation. Sometimes in meditation we can feel this word ringing within. Hindus assert that the word Om has the power to wake up our spirit and reveal our inner light.

Tat is a complex word meaning simply that or more deeply “That” that is. In the phrase Om Tat Sat, the word Tat implies that God is a truth or a force.

Sat means true or real. Sat says that what is true is real and what is real is true. Pure Sat is light and happy and lasts forever. Hindu philosophy views the temporal world we perceive as illusionary or as maya. Although the world of perception is measurable and verifiable, it is not real because it is mutable and subject to destruction.  Sat transcends the universe.