Terrible Times–Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

Photo Credit: CNN

Photo Credit: CNN

The past few days have been terrible for our planet. Howsoever we may evaluate recent events, culminating in the Israeli Palestinian hostilities and the downed Malaysian airliner in separatist held Ukraine, I think we must acknowledge that these occurrences did not come out of the blue. Bad things like changing climate including increased atmospheric turbulence and increasing divisiveness have been happening for some time, but some good things have also been going on. For better or for worse peoples are more aware of the plight of others and nations are unable to remain uninvolved in goings on far from home.

In my opinion karma is clearly responsible for what now occupies just about everyone’s attention.

Consider this excerpt from On Hinduism explaining the mechanics of karma:

. . . Multiple causes may give rise to a single effect or to a bundle of related effects or to seemingly disconnected effects. Karma is like a ripple in a pond. It can expand for a wide area and disturb the peacefulness of all the water contained within its circle. As it spreads, it dissipates until it gets lost in the waters of the pond.

Karma is a force comparable to magnetism or electricity. The laws of magnetism govern the attraction and repulsion of magnetic force and the laws of electricity govern interaction between electrically charged particles. The law of karma governs causality between moving forces. Human beings activate karma at the same time that we are subject to its power.

Gajjar, On Hinduism, Chapter 6, Karma and Reincarnation, p. 101